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First up to bat for the 2013 Upfronts – Rogers Media!

Upfronts are always a time to look forward to. Although this excitement and allure of needing to be at the upfronts has somewhat declined over the years, it is still fun to get out for the night, check out the latest and greatest  TV celebs (maybe meet […]

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A new launch for Media Jewels…Digital, Social, Television, Out Of Home, Print, Radio & Mobile

Welcome media junkies to the M&K Media “media” blog! We are very excited to share with you our take on any important developments within the media landscape that we feel need to be noticed or commented upon. Just like the service we offer, we will cover all […]

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Google & New Analytics

Google has announced a suite of new analytic tools intended to provide a “universal currency” for measuring the performance of online ad campaigns. The new tools, which include a measure of whether served ads are actually visible to surfers as well as a gross rating point system […]

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Google and New Media Advertising

What happens when legendary admen of yesteryear are given cutting-edge digital tools to revisit their greatest moments? If Google’s Re: Brief is anything to go by, you unlock the creative potential of new media advertising. http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/quarterly/creativity/project-rebrief.html  

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Pinterest is getting lots of attention…what’s a Pinterest?

Pinterest is getting lots of interest.   See: Everything you always wanted to know about Pinterest  Small business and Pinterest  

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