We built the company that we’d want to do business with. We hope you do too. 

Our approach, methodologies and best practice recommendations are based on both quantitative and qualitative research.
We are passionate about what we do and are relentless about getting the best results for our clients.

1.  Experience Matters: Digital, Social, TV, Radio, Print, OOH, Mobile

We launched our company in 2001 with the belief that media planning and media buying are best approached as an art and a science – insight, experience, data and metrics. This has not changed. Media channels and engagement models may have evolved (Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, and tablets didn’t exist) but our core approach remains as relevant today as it did then. We have grown up through the digital revolution. New media is not new to us.

Over the years, we have delivered successful campaigns for a diverse range of clients across all media channels both in industry and service organizations. The success of those campaigns is reflected in the exponential growth of our company. Much of our staff has over 20 years experience in planning and buying media so hands on senior experience is guaranteed for all M&K Media clients. However, our agency is also balanced with a youthful exuberance, curiosity and a passion to carve out new media territories. Our up and coming media superstars are just that! Up and coming media superstars!   Our experience shows in how we design your campaign across multiple channels, negotiate the best ad rates and placement, and choose where/when to innovate.  Our client’s media investments are important and we know that direct hands on day to day management by an experienced and seasoned M&K Media professional reaps profound benefits: better plans and better buys.

2.  We Take A Holistic Approach

To design the most effective media campaign for you, we immerse our team in your business. We integrate that knowledge with our media expertise to design the campaign that produces the maximum impact with your target audience at the right time. We continue to monitor, refine and evaluate metrics until the campaign ends. We then report on lessons learned for the next campaign.

3.  We Base Decisions on Research, Not Fads

Our approach, methodologies and best practices recommendations are based on both quantitative and qualitative research.  Research and experience drive media planning and media buying decisions, not fads. We know consumers have changed and we know companies have to adapt to innovation changes in the marketplace, but our approach is based on a pragmatic framework.  When dealing with new technologies, we take smart risks that are monitored, measured and evaluated. Many of our clients have embraced our test and learn philosophy where we allocate small portions of our budgets to proactively discover new areas where future investment may deliver big media dividends.

4.  Smart Creativity

Creative media planning and buying can greatly enhance the receptivity of your brand messages by your customer. We do not however embrace creativity just for the sake of creativity. Media creativity combined with sound media expertise is what we like to call Smart Creativity. This is the ideal formula to generate the most effective media plans and buys. Smart media creativity beyond creating a stronger impact and better media KPI’s  will increase overall ROI by  generating PR top spin,  building higher top of mind awareness and purchase intent, and inspiring  marketing/ sales teams and the trade.

5.  We Stretch Your Budget

Smart also means utilizing all means and methods to plan and buy cost effectivelyResearch plays a key role in helping us identify media sweet spots but also in eliminating waste. So does being in the market place every day and understanding how to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. We have a playbook filled with every rate reduction and added value leveraging tactic known in the universe guaranteed to keep media rates as low as possible. Our suppliers have told us we are their most feared negotiators because we are prepared with data and we disarm them with courtesy, civility and charm.

6.  We Provide Exceptional Service

When you engage with MK Media, you engage with the entire firm. Our founding partners, Julie King and Julie McIlroy set the example. We build collaborative relationships with our clients, suppliers and media partners. Our clients have told us that they view us as trusted advisors and they feel respected and appreciated.  We are passionate about what we do and are relentless about getting the best results for our clients.

Because we already have a body of knowledge around channel metrics and industry best practices, we focus time and effort on creating a robust strategy that is tailored to your goals. We can execute quickly and we always monitor, measure and evaluate every campaign.