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At M&K Media, our number one priority is to deliver the very best ad placements at the very best costs. Our buyers embrace your media plan and strive to implement all the objectives and strategies behind it. Great buys require great focus and tenacity.

  • Our lead negotiators are senior and very experienced
  • We emphasize producing top quality campaigns that earn the best possible rates with the most relevant added value
  • Experience and knowledge of the ever changing market place enables us to routinely deliver superior media value over and above our extremely competitive rates in the form of
    • bonus media
    • no charge premium placements
    • sponsorship
    • promotions
    • editorial
    • social media blasts
    • not for profit discounting and bonusing
    • PSAs
  • We see the strategic placement and positioning of every ad as essential to maximize value and effectiveness and eliminate waste.
  • While we use media research as our primary negotiation currency we also go beyond the numbers – our 20+ years experience and our learned knowledge of your business allow us to intuitively make “inspired buys” that see beyond the numbers straight into the hearts and minds of your target.
  • Our collaborative relationship with suppliers includes regular updates to ensure we have access to the latest innovations for all our clients-this is especially true in the digital landscape where change and innovation is the daily norm.
  • Buy monitoring is an essential part of every campaign. Our senior buyers monitor every stage of the campaign, reconciling immediately any shortfalls through make goods or credits due. All invoice/affidavits and proof of performance documents are checked thoroughly to verify that all ads aired correctly and at the right price.

M&K Media Buying treats every media buy as significant and as an exciting opportunity for our buying team.



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