At M&K Media, our media planning concentrates on the creative and the innovative while delivering strong strategic recommendations. While we value creativity for its WOW factor, we insist that all our media plans are informed by the latest media, industry and client research available not to mention our deep reservoir of experience. It’s what we like to call smart creativity.

The M&K Media Planning Process is one of invention and originality that focuses on:

  • Delivering your business objectives
  • Understanding your target market in every possible way
    • Using your research and knowledge as our jumping off point
    • Using syndicated data to determine when, where and how your target uses each medium
    • Incorporating and exploiting both business and consumer insights
    • Adapting to new and emerging media trends and technologies in real time by instituting a test and learn culture
  • Developing a hierarchy of the most relevant touch points on the consumer journey
  • Creating a detailed digital path to purchase and resulting tactics recommendation
  • Promoting a “mobile first” approach to all disciplines
  • Applying the latest research tools to ensure impactful weight levels and eliminate wasted impressions
  • Analyzing your competitive environment to protect your share of voice
  • Evaluating multiple approaches to find the best way to deliver the strongest media ROI via an integrated approach
  • Searching for distinctive and new media solutions that set you apart from your competitors and give you a leading edge
  • Leveraging supplier partnerships for sponsored content, social media support, sponsorships, and promotional programs
  • Showcasing your creative so that your ads break through the clutter and noise

Our tried and true Media Planning Process includes collaboration with you and all your marketing partners. In the end it allows us to design truly integrated media plans that will achieve your business goals.