By Sam McJannet, Digital Coordinator M&K Media

Published Sept 29th, 2022

Do you ever find yourself missing the days before filters, FaceTune, and fake online personas? Well, those days might not be *completely* over. If you’ve been around any Gen Zs within the last month, you’ve probably heard of the new Social Media App “BeReal”. Although the app launched in 2020, it didn’t start to garner significant recognition until 2022. BeReal tackles the modern day question, “what would posts look like if there was no time to alter the image?”

Here’s how it works: once a day, the app sends its users a notification at the exact same time asking them to “Be Real” and capture their immediate surroundings – they have two minutes to do it! Simultaneously, the front and back camera takes a photo, and uploads the image to your friends – you will find no opportunities for photo enhancements.

Keeping with the theme of being unique from other social media platforms, BeReal doesn’t seem to be meant for brands. In the past, it was common practice for brands to flock to any platform with a promising ROI on advertising impressions (a.k.a. Booming media apps). However, BeReal doesn’t offer the same opportunities for marketing… just yet. Unless the app makes consistent updates where stories, or likes, or followers are included in the algorithm, many businesses are wondering how they could make any impact within the app. 

So, what can advertisers do with BeReal? Well, since the aim of the app is authenticity, brands could benefit from sharing their “behind the scenes” or work culture. Advertising doesn’t always have to be for a product or service – businesses can utilize this social networking platform to build their unique brand identity, attract employees with a strong professional fit, or enhance their credibility among Generation Z users. Sharing pictures on how the company’s products are made, or employees having fun at work gives consumers a chance to see the faces and technology behind their favourite brands. 

Some brands, such as Sour Patch Kids and the cosmetic company e.l.f., have already begun to establish their “first-movers” strategies by offering exclusive surprises to their first friends. Influencers have also started the trend of sharing a “BeReal” compilation post to their other social media platforms like Instagram. Although this strategy isn’t necessarily done on the new app, the hashtag “BeReal” already has more than 1.2 billion views so far on TikTok. 

In conclusion, BeReal gives brands a challenge to their typical social media marketing tactics providing an exciting opportunity for unique ideas to come forth in the near future. Brands may not be able to post their ads to the masses, but can absolutely come up with some refreshing ways to sell their brand!

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