Canadian media habits are changing as the “new normal” starts to set in. But, Canadians aren’t feeling settled yet…or anywhere close

After the initial panic, some things have settled and media habits have changed. However, Canadian’s are still feeling uncertain about what the immediate as well as the longer term future will hold. Media habits continue to rapidly change and adapt to a new way of life.

1. TV tuning continues to rise

  • Time spent with video content increases even further
  • Linear TV focus shifts to news, movies and specialty TV
  • Coviewing is happening out of necessity – parents trying to keep kids occupied while they work or get tasks done

2. The live sports gap is starting to be filled…but it’s not the same

  • Sports repeat programming saw good viewership, but not comparable to live
  • Esports is on the rise as gamers ramp up and new gamers jump on the bandwagon

3. Digital and social usage still rising

  • New search related behaviour trends are starting to be identified
  • Not as mobile as before as are confined to the home – put it on the big screen!
  • Entertainment platforms are being accessed more through web vs apps
  • Video conferencing platforms are key to staying in touch – new emerging platforms like Houseparty seeing dramatic increase quickly

4. Radio in home tuning still on the rise

  • Listening is happening while working from home and to stay up to date on news – Radio Connects

5. Search related behaviour trends during home isolation are starting to be identified

  • Google Insights have identified 5 new search trends
    • Assembling critical information
    • Discovering new connections
    • Adjusting to changes in routine
    • Praising everyday heroes
    • Taking care of yourself and others

Thank you for reading and take care!