It is a pretty safe assumption that no one likes junk mail. We’ve all been subject to dealing with missing that little checked box or having our contact information mysteriously passed around. But what if we didn’t have to deal with it anymore? That is exactly what Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is working towards.

Effective July 1st, 2014, some hard and strict rules will be enforced on Consumer Electronic Messaging (CEM), i.e. the email, text and social “blasting” world. Top line – these rules include:

  1. A user must “click to opt-in” rather than “click to opt-out”
  2. Clearly identify the person sending/on whose behalf the message is sent  within the email
  3. A clear and obvious way to respond to the sender
  4. A very obvious, un hidden means of unsubscribing from the CEM that must take effect within 10 days

While this does not even come close to breaking down the complexities of this new legislation, it is a very quick indicator of what the visual display and feel of the “junk” emails are going to be like (heads up to our creative partners!). This change will allow for consumers to have a real quick fix to clean up their email Inbox and assure they are going to receive what they actually plan on reading. If you ask us – that’s a good thing!

From a media planner/buyer’s perspective, we can assure that there is quality to our email marketing campaigns. Large numbers are great to see, but we always want to make sure we are reaching the right person. When it comes down to it, what’s the point of reaching someone if they don’t really care?

As a result of CASL, we anticipate (among other things):

  • More refined and targeted lists of eMail recipients, consisting of qualified subscribers only
  • An increase in open rates and CTRs
  • A heightened trust with CASL compliant eMail suppliers

We look forward to seeing these changes take place and are optimistic on how it will affect our email campaigns in the future.


For a more detailed outline on the compliances of the CASL, please visit: