Welcome media junkies to the M&K Media “media” blog!

We are very excited to share with you our take on any important developments within the media landscape that we feel need to be noticed or commented upon. Just like the service we offer, we will cover all platforms and all channels; not just for media but for advertising and marketing too! While we will have a definite Canadian media planning and buying POV, we will also serve up international commentary where it is appropriate (or just really interesting). We love this dynamic media environment and look forward to sharing our news and industry-related opinions with you.

Every day is a media news day and although we do not plan to blog everyday (that’s Twitter’s job), we plan to give voice to what we feel is important, relevant and worthy of passing along. Our voice will be of our many valued employees, so we fully anticipate some divergent opinions. This is what we want – not just information – but debate, as debate is passion and passion breeds great work.

If you have any ideas for our blog, would like to contribute as one of our “featured bloggers” or want us to offer a POV on a current topic, please e-mail us  and we will do our very best to incorporate your request. Stay tuned for more exciting industry news!

Thank you and welcome to the conversation.