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Julie McIlroy, Partner


Before launching M&K, Julie spent 20 years in executive positions at large global agencies with top brands like Pfizer, Unilever, Kellogg’s, Pepsi, Kodak, FedEx, Burger King, Jaguar, DeBeers, Merrill Lynch and Timex.She is a relentless advocate of media creativity and believes strongly in fostering collaboration between all communication partners to generate great executable ideas, in making media fun and interesting for her colleagues and clients, and by mentoring staff to constantly search for creative media solutions outside of the norm.

Media Fame Claim:

Top Three finalist in Marketing Magazine’s Great Canadian Creative Face-Off!


Website: YouTube
Musical Genre: Classic Rock
Travel Destination: Wine Regions around the World
Talent or Quirk: Aspiring Artist
TV Show: Madmen, of course!


Direct Line: 416.516.5969 ext.111
Email: Julie McIlroy

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