Covid-19 has heavily impacted the entertainment industry.  Production on new shows came to a halt, leaving us all wondering if we’ll have new shows to look forward to in the fall.   Although the new fall line-up isn’t as robust as past years, all networks were able to pull several new series up their sleeves.  Spring 2019 series premieres were delayed to the fall and upcoming new series were fast-tracked, having one or more seasons greenlit instead of only the pilot filmed, waiting to be assessed.  Below are the new series we’ll be viewing this fall, winter and spring.



CTV Network

Filthy Rich (Fall 2020): Wealth, power and religion intersect for a mega-rich southern family famed for creating a wildly successful Christian TV network.  The family’s patriarch dies in a plane crash leaving his wife, a celebrity to the religious & southern communities, to take charge of the family business.  Starring Kim Cattrall and Gerald McRaney.

B Positive (Fall 2020): Drew is a therapist and newly divorced dad who is faced with finding a kidney donor when he runs into Gina, a rough-around-the-edges woman from his past who volunteers her own kidney.  Starring Thomas Middleditch and Annaleigh Ashford.

Supermarket Sweep (Fall 2020): A re-make of the classic TV game show.  The series follows three teams as they battle it out using their grocery shopping skills and knowledge of merchandise to win big cash prizes.  Hosted by Leslie Jones.



CBC Network

The Sounds (Fall 2020): When Maggie’s husband Tom disappears, it re-opens old wounds and secrets about the seemingly close New Zealand community in which they live.  Starring Rachelle Lefevre and Matt Whelan.

War of the Worlds (Fall 2020): The series takes place in present-day Europe, but it serves as a re-imagining of the classic H.G. Wells’ novel.  Starring Gabriel Byrne and Lea Drucker.

Trickster (Fall 2020): Jared, a First Nations teenager and small-time drug dealer, becomes increasingly aware of the magical events that seem to follow him.  Starring Joel Oulette and Crystle Lightning.

Lady Dicks (Winter 2021): A funny and honest portrayal of two radically different female detectives in their early 40s.  Starring Meredith MacNeill and Adrienne C. Moore.

Orangeville Prep (Winter 2021): A character-driven factual series that offers an inside look at the competitive, high-pressure world of basketball’s most successful preparatory program.



City Network

Law & Order: Organized Crime (Fall 2020):  A spin-off of the Law & Order franchise.  Elliot Sabler returns to the NYPD to battle organized crime after a devastating personal loss.  Starring Christopher Meloni.

Young Rock (Winter 2021):  A single-cam comedy starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, focusing on and inspired by his formative years.

Mr. Mayor (Winter 2021):  A wealthy businessman runs for mayor of Los Angeles for all the wrong reasons.  Once he wins, he needs to figure out what he stands for, while trying to gain the respect of his staff and connect with his teenage daughter.  Starring Ted Danson.

The Great North (Winter 2020):  This animated comedy follows the Alaskan adventures of the Tobin family, as a single dad does his best to keep his weird bunch of kids close.  Starring Nick Offerman.


The Old Man (TBD):  Based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Perry.  A former intelligence officer living off the radar finds himself targeted for assassination and is forced back into the world he left behind.  Starring Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow.

A Teacher (TBD):  Explores the story behind the mugshot of a female high school teacher caught in an affair with her male student, revealing the complexities and consequences of these illegal relationships.  Starring Kate Mara and Nick Robinson.

Y: The Last Man (TBD):  Based on the comic book series of the same name.  Takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in which a cataclysmic event has killed every male mammal save for one lone human and his capuchin monkey.  Starring Diane Lane and Ben Schnetzer.



Global Network

Departure (Fall 2020):  Follows the investigation into the disappearance of Flight 716, a passenger plane that vanishes over the Atlantic Ocean.  Starring Archie Panjabi and Christopher Plummer.

The Equalizer (Fall 2020):  A re-imagining of the classic series.  A seemingly average mom is The Equalizer – an anonymous guardian angel and defender of the downtrodden, who is also in pursuit of her own personal redemption.  Starring Queen Latifah.

neXt (Fall 2020):  Centers on the emergence of a deadly, rogue artificial intelligence that combines pulse-pounding action with a layered examination of how technology is invading our lives and transforming us in ways we don’t yet understand.  Starring John Slattery and Fernanda Andrade.



Food Network

Breakaway Camp with Martha Stewart (Fall 2020):  Six talented home baker campers brave the outdoor elements for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perfect their skills.  Starring host Jesse Palmer, baking mentor Martha Stewart and her camp counselors, baking experts Carla Hall and Dan Langan.

Big Time Bake (Fall 2020):  Buddy Valastro and two rotating guests judge some of the best bakers from across the country to the test in a dessert competition where he clock never stops.

Chopped: Beat the Judge (Fall 2020):  In this first-of-its-kind battle, fearless returning winners compete for a chance to face off against illustrious Chopped judges.

Bake or Break (Spring 2021):  Renowned pastry chef Steve Hodge reinvigorates and inspires struggling bakery businesses while style guru Tiffany Pratt reimagines the tired uninspired spaces.

Cheese: A Love Story (Spring 2021):  An exploration and celebration of the world’s most beloved foods through the lens of an extreme cheese lover.


Family Home Overhaul (Fall 2020):  Host Cheryl Hickey introduces a family nominated by their community for always giving back despite hardships.  Fourteen of HGTV Canada’s top contractors and designers pair up to transform the family’s life in their home.

Help! I Wrecked My House (Fall 2020):  Jasmine Roth and her team help overzealous homeowners fix their DIY disasters.

Rock Solid Builds (Fall 2020):  The series follows Randy Spracklin, a builder who owns a family business as he battles the harsh weather and terrain of Newfoundland in order to get the job done.

Selling the Big Easy (Fall 2020):  Real estate professionals make house-hunting fun with historic properties in New Orleans.

Farmhouse Facelift (Winter 2021):  A craftsman contractor and a designer tackle the toughest farmhouse renovations.


Big Timber (Fall 2020):  Follows the dangerous work of a logger and sawmill owner as he and his crew go to extremes to keep the family business alive.

Grant (Fall 2020):  Three part miniseries that uncovers the true legacy of the unlikely hero who led America during the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Swamp People: Serpent Invasion (Fall 2020):  Burmese pythons invade the Florida Everglades, with no predator to stop them – except for man.

The Secret Skinwalker Ranch (Fall 2020):  Features a team of scientists and experts who search the property in Utah to find out the truth behind more than 200 years of mysteries.

Backroad Truckers (Winter 2021):  Follows ‘hot-shot truckers’ who haul anything, anywhere, anytime.

National Geographic

Barkskins (Fall 2020):  Based on a novel by the same name, the series follows a group of outcasts and dreamers battling to escape their pasts while navigating hardships and loyalties at the crossroads of civilization.  Starring Marcia Gay Harden.

Race to the Center of the Earth (Fall 2020):  A global competition that pits four teams against one another in a nonstop sprint across the globe for a USD $1 million prize.

Trafficked with Mariana Van Zeller (Winter 2021):  Explores the complex and dangerous inner workings of the global underworlds – smuggling networks and black and informal markets.


Bulletproof (Fall 2020):  An action show that follows two undercover cops as they chase down hardened criminals in London’s East End.

Interrogation (Fall 2020):  Based on a case that spans more than 20 years in which a young man was charged with brutally murdering his mother.  Starring Peter Sarsgaard.

No Activity (Fall 2020):  A comedy set against the world of a major drug cartel bust.  It follows two low level cops, two criminals, two dispatch workers and two Mexican tunnelers.  A large cast ensemble, guest starring Will Ferrell.

Strange Angel (Fall 2020):  Inspired by the real life story of Jack Parsons, a brilliant and ambitious blue collar worker in 1930s Los Angeles with dreams that led him to birth the unknown discipline of American rocketry.  Starring Jack Reynor.

Tell Me a Story (Fall 2020):  Takes the world’s most beloved fairy tales and reimagines them as a dark and twisted psychological thriller.   Stars James Wolk and Kim Cattrall.


The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (TBD):  This popular franchise welcomes this highly anticipated new addition.

W Network

Devils (Fall 2020):  An international thriller that follows a charismatic yet ruthless Head of Trading at NYL, of the world’s most important investment banks, and his mentor, NYL’s CEO.  Starring Patrick Dempsey and Alessandro Borghi.

Intelligence (Fall 2020):  A workplace comedy set in the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters, where they tackle cyber crime from a desktop.  Starring David Schwimmer.

Why Women Kill (Fall 2020):  Details the lives of three women living in three different decades (‘60’s, ‘80’s and 2010’s), each dealing with infidelity in their marriages.  Starring Lucy Liu.


Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs (Fall 2020):  Pebbles Flintstone and Bamm-Bamm Rubble learn about life and friendship through their crazy adventures.

Looney Tunes Cartoons (Fall 2020):  Echoes the high production value and process of the original Looney Tunes theatrical shorts.


Toon Bops (Fall 2020):  Endearing musical shorts encouraging exploration and fun.

The Not-Too-Late-Show with Elmo (Fall 2020):  A spin-off series to Sesame Street, which stars Elmo as the host of his own late-night talk show.  Centered around bedtime routines.

Pikwik Pack (Winter 2021):  Follows four adorable animals as they deliver magical packages filled with love to the kind citizens of Pikwik.


Ollie’s Pack (Fall 2020):  Follows Ollie and his backpack, which doubles as a powerful portal allowing an array of monsters to travel from the Monsterverse into Ollie’s world on Earth.

The Dog & Pony Show (Fall 2020):  Two very different friends leave their magical world of Rainbow Fjord and move to the not-so magical world of UniCity.

Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan (Fall 2020):  Dylan’s grandmother realizes that raising her grandson is too much to take on, so decides to send him to live with her affluent son, his wife and their two kids.

PC Children’s Charity Presents Kid Food Nation (Fall 2020):  Young cooks and well-known chefs take the viewer on a tour to explore the science, ingredients and culture of Canadian cuisine.

Hardy Boys (Fall 2020):  The Hardy Boys and their father set out to uncover the truth behind a recent tragedy that has changed their lives, and in doing so, uncover something much more sinister.

Kampe Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years (Fall 2020):  This CG-animated prequel follows 10 year old SpongeBob during his summer at sleepaway camp.