Millennials are a distinct demographic beyond their love of technology. Let’s look at the millennial connection!

First off, to state the obvious, millenials are always plugged in, always! They were born and raised on technology, and because of this, information has always been at their fingertips. Instead of asking someone to complete a task or search through a dictionary for the meaning of a word, all one simply has to do is “Google it”. Who starred in that movie? “Google it”. How do I cook this? “Google it”. Beyond Google, there is the wonderful world of social media. Millennials don’t need to speak to their friends to know what is happening in their friends’ lives, they just need to check their newsfeed.

Twitter has never met a 140 character thought it did not like and no matter what you’re eating, there’s an Instagram filter to show it off. Although this may sound like millennials are incapable of thinking for themselves, it is hardly the case. This constant access to information has created strong critical thinking skills. If something sounds dubious, millennials have their phones ready, quickly accessing unlimited sources of information to confirm their doubt.

Generally speaking, they have more liberal views and tend to be more eco-conscious than previous generations. Their education also placed a high priority on self-esteem and individuality.

So what does this all mean for advertisers? It means if you want to speak to millennials, it is more than merely being online with a social media presence and having a great website; it is about being authentic, being aspirational and finding a genuine connection through quality engagement. Millennials want to feel good about the brands they wear, eat, use, drive, etc. If they feel a brand reflects who they are and what they value, they will tweet about it, like it on Facebook and engage it in their lives; however they may need to “Google it” first!

Breanne Scott (a millennial)