Social media-can’t live with it, can’t live without it! In today’s ever-growing social media world, it seems that the latter statement holds more truth. According to research compiled by FinanceOnline, which was taken from PEW, Nielsen and Burst Media, women are using social media more than men. Is this surprising? Not so much considering women always have something to say and social media provides a vehicle to voice thoughts and opinions. The number of social media outlets is only growing with the most popular being Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Social media has created an environment that enables users to know about everything and everyone. A little bit scary and a little bit intriguing at the same time!

Pew found that there are more women on Facebook in the U.S than men (78 percent versus 69 percent), Tumblr (54 percent versus 46 percent) and Instagram (20 percent versus 15 percent). The most even split is on Twitter (18 percent versus 17 percent) and the only social media outlet where there is a higher male presence is on LinkedIn (24 percent male versus 19 percent female).

The popularity of social media engagement is growing exponentially and the women who use it are more likely than men to interact with brands. When it comes to brand support, 54 percent of women engage in such activities versus 44 percent of men. Brand offers via social media are accessed by 53 percent of women and only 36 percent of men. Interestingly enough, the amount of brand commenting is at close to an even split (28 percent of women versus 25 percent of men).

Women are also big believers in purchasing from brands they follow on social media. A whopping 65 percent of women use social media to learn more about brands and products! Therefore, it comes as no surprise that social media is no longer a novelty, but a necessary tool for brand interaction that should be included in all clients’ overall marketing strategies.

Who runs today’s social media world? It appears as though the ladies do!