Another day – another upfront – another opportunity to check out the latest and greatest! The Shaw upfront was certainly not one to disappoint, and boy did it turn a crowd!

The new network, DTour, was introduced and a new connection with Twitter was announced. This was certainly an informative and entertaining afternoon!

While Rogers has our favourite comedies, Shaw has our favourite dramas so far this year. Our top picks were definitely Blacklist on Global, starring James Spader and Bonnie & Clyde on Lifetime, starring Emil Hirsch and Holliday Grainger. Maybe it’s because we have a thing for bad boys but both our picks are centred around criminals. Blacklist has a plot line that is bound to get viewers hooked week after week and Bonnie and Clyde will take people back to the classic story of two dangerous lovers. We cannot wait for these to start!

So CTV, show us what you’ve got! You’ve got some pretty fierce competition.