Upfronts are always a time to look forward to. Although this excitement and allure of needing to be at the upfronts has somewhat declined over the years, it is still fun to get out for the night, check out the latest and greatest  TV celebs (maybe meet a few), catch up with our industry colleagues and of course get the scoop on the upcoming new fall TV shows.

The biggest highlight from Rogers this year had to be their new contract to air the Grammy’s. Rogers will now be broadcasting The Grammy’s for the next 3 years – what a great one to add to their roster! And what would the upfronts be without a new killer line up of shows? Roger’s is notorious for their comedies, so to no surprise our top picks  were in this category. Call us biased, but we loved The Crazy One’s starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. This show is centred  around an ad agency exec with a spunky personality, how could we not fall in love?

We also liked Brooklyn Nine-Nine starring Andy Samberg and Joe Lo Truglio. This story is about a detective being forced to stop acting like a kid while on the job and “respect the badge” after encountering a new boss. Aside from a great plot line, we were instantly sold after seeing a fire extinguisher rolling chair race. Deep down, we all know we wish we could get away with this.

Can’t wait to see what is in store for Shaw tonight!